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Almost 2 years ago, I started designing handmade pieces for what would evolve into my brand, Fashionista Problems. It grew out of the idea that a lot of us have those moments when we feel like we NEED that pair of shoes or item of clothing, but really shouldn't purchase them because our closet is already overflowing, or when we find that we have NOTHING to wear in that overflowing closet. Over the past few years, I have made YouTube videos and written blog posts to relate with my fellow Fashionistas, but my favorite outlets will always be instagram and creating my handmade items.

About Miss Fashionista Problems

Corey | twenty-six | pisces

LosAngeles | stylist/designer

foodie | flower child | fit girl | music addict | traveler | CPSLO & FIDM alum

CONTACT | corey@fashionistaproblems.com

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