Day 4 of 12 Days of DIYs — Poinsettia Wreath (Jeneral Relativity)

DIY poinsettia wreath header

One of the best ways to welcome friends and family into your home for the holiday season is with a festive poinsettia wreath hanging on the door! It adds a touch of sparkle and flair to warm the hearts of everyone entering your humble abode.  Unfortunately these pieces can run up quite a hefty sum if you purchase them pre-made from a store, but they are so fun and inexpensive to make on your own!


  • 2 bunches gold poinsettia flowers
  • 2 bags of various sized red jingle bells, one glitter & one shiny
  • Particle board circle
  • Hot glue & glue gun
  • 3M hooks for hanging (optional)

poinsettia wreath suppliesbells

Once you’ve grabbed all the supplies from your local Michaels store, get started by pulling off the poinsettia flowers from the stem. Save one of the two stems, though, since we’ll be using it later on in the project. Trim off the knobs on the backs of the flowers so that they can lay flat on the circle. Start adding beads of hot glue to the backs of the flowers and press them onto the circle. As you add more blooms, be sure to have the petals overlap slightly so that none of the circle shows through. Keep gluing until you’ve covered the entire circle.

wreath in progress

Next you’re going to want to twist the wired poinsettia stem like you see below and start stringing the jingle bells on, securing them with hot glue. Start with the larger sized bells and fill in smaller spaces with the smaller bells. Keep the look random, similar to a bunch of grapes. Vary the glitter with the shiny to add dimension to the overall piece.

bell wreath centerpiece

Once the bells are all on the stem and you are happy with your centerpiece, separate the two top twisted pieces to either side in a “T” formation. Glue the top of the “T” to the back side of the circle. Be sure to add lots of glue here to keep the bells securely attached to the wreath! Once that has cooled, you’re ready to hang the wreath on your front door!

completed DIY poinsettia wreath

Does this DIY seem easy enough for you to fit into your busy holiday schedule this year? Let us know in the comments! If you make a wreath of your own, be sure to post a picture to Instagram with #fashionistaproblems and #jeneralrelativity so that we can see your divine DIYs in action!


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