Day 2 of 12 days of DIYs — Handmade Holiday Cards (Jeneral Relativity)

DIY Handmade Holiday Cards (Jeneral Relativity)

My favorite way to kick off the holiday season is cranking up my Michael Bublé Christmas Pandora station, warming up a mug full of glühwein, and sitting down to make some festive handmade holiday cards! You might think that sounds difficult or overly time consuming, but I am here to prove that wrong. I hope that with this tutorial you will be able to make a set of custom cards in no time and with only a few supplies needed!

DIY Handmade Holiday Cards (Jeneral Relativity)

Depending on your level of commitment to these being entirely DIY, you can try your hand at making the folded cards yourself. I recommend using this chart to match the right size card that will fit your desired envelope. Alternately, you can take the easier route (which I did… there’s no shame in it!) and buy a pack of blank cards from your local craft store. They come with envelopes, and none of the frustration of your folds not lining up properly!

DIY Handmade Holiday Cards (Jeneral Relativity)


Cards & Envelopes


Pencil & Ruler

Rubber Cement

Black ink pen

Scrap paper

Scrapbook paper, both solid & patterned

Bonus: scrapbook paper cutter, glitter, pinking shears

DIY Handmade Holiday Cards (Jeneral Relativity)

First, do a couple practice rounds of the garland swirl and festive phrases on the scrap paper. Then cut the scrapbook paper into rectangles that are the same width as the cards and about an inch shorter in length. Lay out all your cards and begin arranging the pieces of scrapbook paper. Layer the patterned paper with the solid and vary the sizes and shapes of the pieces to create unique layouts. Use the photos below for inspiration!

DIY Handmade Holiday Cards (Jeneral Relativity)

When you are satisfied with the layouts you have created, add the phrases and swirled garlands. If you are feeling extra fancy, use some pinking shears along an edge or sprinkle on some glitter to jazz up the look!

DIY Handmade Holiday Cards (Jeneral Relativity)

Will your loved ones be lucky enough to receive handmade holiday cards made by you this year? Let us know in the comments!

*Need ideas on holiday decor? Check out Day 3 of the 12 Days of DIYs here.*

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