Day 10 of 12 Days of DIYs — DIY Holiday Party (Tree) Skirt

DIY Holiday Party SkirtDIY Holiday Party Skirt (Tree Skirt) -- Fashionista ProblemsWhen I went on a search for the perfect tree skirt for this DIY, I went to a total of 6 different places. Michaels was pretty picked over since they have had their Holiday/Christmas decorations on sale most of the season. Target’s tree skirts were $40….WHAT!? I love Target, but come on! Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store and Rite Aid had minimal decorations, but no tree skirt options. My last chance was Big Lots. I started wandering the store and was finding nothing, but then I saw a pile of red and white fabric that looked like a santa suit! There it was, the perfect tree skirt, but one wasn’t enough fabric to go completely around my waist so I searched high and low for a second one! Thankfully I found another and a super cute bow to finish off the look. These tree skirts were originally $10 which I was willing to pay (they were exactly what I was looking for) but then at the register then rang up at half price! Wooohooo, got out of there spending about $13 instead of $25!! Check out the complete tutorial on Jeneral Relativity!
DIY Holiday Party Skirt (Tree Skirt) -- Fashionista ProblemsDIY Holiday Party Skirt (Tree Skirt) -- Fashionista ProblemsHappy Holiday DIYing,
Miss Fashionista Problems


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