Day 1 of 12 days of DIYs — DIY Snowy Twig Candle Holder and Mantle

DIY Snowy Twig Candle Holder and Mantle

I am so excited to start off December with a winter holiday themed DIY! Today it has FINALLY felt like a different season in Southern California. I actually got to bust out my tall boots, tights, and a warm headband. It rained most of the day and my mom and I created a delicious mushroom soup (recipe coming soon, we are still tweaking it to be perfect!) from some beautiful mushrooms I picked up from a Farmer’s Market in Los Feliz this morning after getting brunch with one of my besties. Could today have been any more perfect?! I think not!

So you read right! We will be posting DIYs all month long, 12 total, up until Christmas Day. Expect decorations, gift ideas and more! I hope you guys enjoy this first one. It is super affordable, brings a little bit of nature inside and warms up any space. I will even show you how I created the beautiful mantle arrangement. Most of the pieces, we already had around the house. I just ended up stopping by Armstrong nursery this afternoon to get the greenery!

Our mantle before the holiday transformation! Check out my complete post on Jeneral Relativity to see how my whole blog post!DIY Holiday Mantle - Snowy Twig Candle HolderDIY Holiday Mantle - Snowy Twig Candle HolderDIY Holiday Mantle - Snowy Twig Candle HolderDIY Holiday Mantle - Snowy Twig Candle HolderAlso check out the video on youtube to watch me create the mantle!

What is your favorite piece of holiday decor, you feel like you always have to put out?
Comment down below and let me know!

Happy DIYing,
Miss Fashionista Problems

*Want to create custom cards for your loved ones this holiday season? Check out Day 2 of the 12 Days of DIYs here.*

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