DIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation

DIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation

Ever since Drea over at Fancy Made posted a DIY Wonder Woman costume; I have had this little dream in the back of my creative mind that I wanted to make one of my very own. The idea would pop in and out of my mind every so often, but I never acted on it. This Halloween, I was planning on being a Piñata, but then that little thought popped into my mind again. “How many more years are you going to dress up, make your costume, or even go out on Halloween?” I answered myself with a, “I hope many more years, but you’re right…” So on Monday I decided I would head out and look for the pieces I needed for the Wonder Woman costume. My first (and only) stop was Goodwill. I was thinking I may find one of the pieces there, or none. Or maybe find something that would kind of work with the vision I had in my head.
Let me paint this picture for you. I drove up to Goodwill, the Goodwill with an awful parking lot. It is always full. And guess what? A woman was walking out with her purchases right as I was pulling in. Let me tell you, this happened the day before too, when I was at the same Goodwill with a friend looking for pieces for a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ & ‘Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?’ couples costume. The DIY gods were watching over me! (Yes we found everything we needed that day!) Okay, back to the second magical Goodwill day. I get out of my car, look into the windows of the Goodwill and spot this red dress, placed nowhere near where the dresses go. I instantly got excited. I tried not to get too excited, just incase it was a mirage or was 5 sizes too big OR small. I walked up, grabbed it, seemed like the right size, then proceeded to the shorts and pants section. I found a couple potentials then found these kind of flowy blue pants. I went to the dressing room and tried everything on. Yes the dress fit like a glove and yes I got those flowy pants. 24 hours of DIYing later and the rest is history!

DIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation

Items from Goodwill :
Red Bodice (dress) : $3.79
Blue Bottoms (pants) : $5.99
Total : $9.78

Items from Jo-ann craft store :
Interfacing (1 yard) 
: $2.99
Gold Fabric (Tissue Lamé) (1 yard) : $2.99
Red Pleather (1/8 yard) : $0.56
Velcro (need at least 5 pieces) : $5.49
Bra Extender (fastener) : $4.99
Gold Rope (1.5 yards) : $3.44
Thread (I ended up using a clear thread instead of the blue pictured) : $1.99
Crown : $1
Total : $23.45 – $5 coupon = $18.45
Grand Total : $28.23

Had on hand at home :
Seam Ripper
Hot Glue
Fabric Glue
Round Earrings
Red Paint
Bias Tape
*Sorry some of the items aren’t pictured, they were used as needed*

Wonder WomanDIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation DIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation

The Bodice, Part 1
My Bodice started out as a dress, so I used the seam ripper to detach the skirt front he bodice and then cut across the back (through the zipper), then finished off the back hem and zipper with my sewing machine. I also cut off the ties that were attached to the dress originally.

The Belt

DIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation
Step 1 : Cut your belt into the shape you would like out of the interfacing. (Be sure it can wrap around you with a little extra in the back.)
Step 2 : Cut a portion of gold fabric that is about 1/2 inch bigger on all sides of the interfacing.
Step 3 : Put the interfacing on top of the gold fabric and start folding the excess gold fabric onto the interfacing. Glue the whole side that is a straight line first and then the portions of the opposite side that are almost straight. Snip the gold fabric up to before the interfacing on the curved areas so that your belt will flatten back out. Then glue these strips individually down to the interfacing.
Step 4 : Wrap the belt around you and measure where you would like it to fasten. Trim excess on one side (leaving about 1.5-2″ extra). Fold at the point where you want to attach your fastener and glue the excess down to the inside of the belt.
Step 5 : Grab your fastener. (I used a bra extension and trimmed off the “hook” portion of it.) Sew on the “eye” section to the side of your belt that you folded and glued down (with 2 rows showing). *pictured above*
Step 6 : Wrap the belt around you again and figure out how much you need to trim on the other side of the belt. Be sure to leave 1.5-2″ excess again and glue that down. You will want your “hooks” to be hidden on the under side of the belt and cover up the “eyes” on the other side when fastened. *pictured above*
Step 7 : I used a strip of interfacing already attached with gold fabric (from when I trimmed the belt earlier) to create a loop on the belt for my rope.
Step 8 : Fold and glue down any raw edges. Sew one edge onto the bottom edge of the belt. Velcro the other edge to the inside of the belt, so that the rope can be held onto it. *pictured above*

The Bodice, Part 2
Step 1 : Grab scrap pieces of interfacing and start pinning down the shape of the design you would like onto your bodice, while trimming off any excess. I made sure to look at the picture (above) of the original Wonder Woman costume.
Step 2 : Cut out a second one of each piece of interfacing so it can mirror itself on the other side. If you have any middle pieces (I had 2), you won’t have to duplicate these.
Step 3 : Start wrapping gold fabric around your interfacing pieces. It helps to snip and pin down the edges. Make sure to do this to all of the pieces. (Also, make sure you have mirror image pieces and not 2 of the same ones when you are applying the gold.)
Step 4 : I used my sewing machine to sew down the edges of the gold fabric on each piece and cut off any excess.
Step 5 : Begin gluing down the pieces onto the bodice where you would like them.

The Earrings (optional)
Paint round earrings red or wear another pair of red earrings. This is definitely not a necessary part of the costume, but I had similar ones on hand and decided to use them.

The Cuffs

DIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation
Step 1 : Cut out two pieces of interfacing. There will be one long straight edge and one long curved edge, in order to achieve the look.
Step 2 : Cover each piece with gold fabric using the same technique as above.
Step 3 : Apply 2 velcro pieces to each cuff. *pictured above*
Step 4 : Sketch out a star onto the back of the red pleather. Cut out 3 (set one aside for later).
Step 5 : Glue one star onto each cuff.

The Headpiece
Step 1 : Trim crown to desired shape.
Step 2 : Glue face down to interfacing.
Step 3 : Trim off excess of interfacing (leaving about 1/2″ around)
Step 4 : Snip, fold and glue around crown..
Step 5 : Using same technique as above, wrap crown with gold fabric.
Step 6 : Glue on the star you set aside earlier.

The Shorts
Step 1 : My shorts started out as pants, so I put them on and pinned where I wanted to hem them to as shorts.
Step 2 : Trim excess fabric. (Make sure to leave extra! You can always trim more but you can’t attach the fabric back on after it has been cut.)
Step 3 : After trimming and trying the shorts back on, making sure they are exactly how you want them, go ahead and sew on bias tape to the bottom hem. (If you are unsure what I am talking about here, definitely look it up. This stuff is a lifesaver.)
Step 4 : Fold where you would like your shorts to end. Stitch down the bias tape edge to the other side of the shorts.
Step 5 : Cut out 18 smallish stars out of your interfacing (You can also use felt for this step, but I had a lot of leftover interfacing.) and 1 medium star.
Step 6 : Pin down your stars where you would like them placed.
Step 7 : Glue down stars with fabric glue.


Please watch the video alongside this tutorial. It will make it much easier. As always, you can modify this tutorial to your liking. Please contact me with any photos of your recreations! IG : @missfashionistaproblems, #fashionistaproblems or EMAIL :

DIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation DIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation DIY Wonder Woman Costume Transformation

Happy DIYing,
MISS Fashionista Problems

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