Day 8 of 12 Days of DIYs — Frosty Pinecone Garland (Jeneral Relativity)

frosty pinecone garland DIY

Pinecones have always been a favorite holiday decoration of mine, having always brought to mind the feeling of winter. Something about their natural beauty draws me and many other DIY fanatics in and makes us want to create a lots of interesting decor with them! A good majority of my Christmas tree ornaments are themselves pinecones, however those are of the false variety, and I wanted to bring some of the authentic ones into the house. I opted for a frosty pinecone garland because they’re simple, festive, and fun!


  • 12 Pinecones
  • Newspaper or drop cloth
  • 1 Glitter or beaded Garland (5 strands)
  • Mod Podge and/or Glue
  • Small dish (for glue)
  • Paint brush
  • Twine
  • Flat white spray paint
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • Push pins (for mounting)

frosty pinecone supplies

First, protect the surface you will be using with some newspaper or a drop cloth. Lay out your pinecones on the covered surface and cover each with a light coat of white spray paint. Use a downward motion as if the spray paint is snow falling on the cones and leave a majority of the pinecones still brown to give them a lightly dusted look. Of course, if you want the cones to look totally dipped in snow, go wild with the spray paint!

painted pinecones

Next, pour some glue or mod podge into the small dish and brush some of the glue onto the edges of the pinecones using the paint brush. At this step it’s actually encouraged to get messy as you want the frost to have some dimension to it! After painting glue on a small portion, sprinkle glitter on the glue to give the snow a glistening effect. I used two different kinds of glitter to add some variety but you could easily get away with just silver glitter here. Repeat in small sections on each pinecone until you’ve covered all 12.

glue & modge podge mixglitter

Allow that to dry a short while and while you wait, cut 16 – 2″ strips of twine. Snip the portion of the garland that holds all 5 strings together and divide the strings up into two groups of two and one solo strand. Lay out one of the double strand groupings and evenly space 6 pinecones along it. Loop a piece of twine around the top stem of one pinecone, tie it there, then loop the twine around the two glitter strands and knot it there. Trim off any excess twine and repeat until you’ve used up all the pinecones. Use this same process for the other grouping of two strands and six pinecones.

pinecone garland

Finally you’re ready to pin these up. Use the last four pieces of twine to make loops that you can use to hook two push pins onto. The garlands aren’t super long, so they would be a good fit for smaller windows, otherwise gloomy cubicles, or a barren stretch of a wall. The best part is, they are ‘winter’ rather than ‘holiday’ themed, so you have a great excuse to leave them up through the winter into the New Year!

frosty pinecone garland finished

How have you been decking your halls this year? With DIY? What’s the favorite thing you have put up this holiday season? Leave it in the comments!

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