Day 9 of 12 Days of DIYs — Upcycled Sweater DIY (Jeneral Relativity)

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I’ve had this awesome sweater for years and nothing is terribly wrong with it other than it just feels bulky. I was about to donate it and then realized it would make an awesome upcycled sweater DIY! Perfect for the holidays as you can turn the single garment into multiple items (i.e. GIFTS). If you’re a lover of the slouchy beanie, you are going to LOVE this project since you can make two of them! One for yourself and one to gift away for the holidays. Read on for how to make these custom slouchy beanies & more!


  • 1 Sweater (ideally a cowl neck)
  • Needle & thread
  • Felt tipped marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors

Lay the sweater inside out on a large, flat surface. If your sweater has a cowl neck, trim it off very close to the existing seam. This makes for a nice edge and little fraying on the easiest circle scarf ever! Next, use the felt tipped marker to trace around your hand along the bottom edge of the sleeve in a mitten pattern.

mittens getting cut mittens

Repeat on the other side and then trim out the mittens. Thread the needle and sew the top edge of the mittens. Notice how I’ve used the existing shape of the sleeve for the bottom and both sides of the mittens. Minimum sewing is always best in my book!

Next, direct your attention to the bottom hem of the body of the sweater and measure out your beanie. This should fit within about 1/2 of the body of the sweater, leaving enough room for a second beanie. Trace out your beanie(s) per the dimensions pictured below, using the felt tipped marker. Using the hem as the beanie opening and the side seam as one side of the edges. Again, minimize the sewing & maximize the fashion! All you need to do is stitch up the single open side and the top arch.

beanie dimensions

finished projects

Inside everything out and you’re all finished! The only thing left to do is decide whether to keep everything for yourself or give it away… Will you be making some of these goodies for your friends this year? Let us know in the comments!

photo (2) Happy Crafting!

Jeneral Relativity

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