Why I cut my hair,


Why I cut my hair,

Lets say I had become a little attached to my long hair. It had become a part of me, not just literally. The last time I had cut it (aside from a trim) was, I’m pretty sure, back in 2006 when I started my freshman year of college at Cal Poly. So, if we do the math, that was about 8 years ago. WOW.

If you think of all the things one person goes through in a year, let alone 8 years, it’s A LOT. Well, multiply that by quite a bit more. This post is not to share a sob story, or get anyone’s pity, it’s just here for you to read (if you so choose) and for me to look back on. I’ve been through enough tragedy and death to last me the rest of my life. Both my brother and dad passed away in this 8 year span of time. My brother, passed suddenly. He had cerebral palsy, but it was unexpected and I was away at college. My dad, we found out he had cancer one day after suffering from back pain and he fought a hard battle for about 3 months (when given 6-18 months to live the rest of his life). Lets just say, my dad was really healthy before this. Also, he was the most selfless person I knew. Anyways, I’ve also been through my share of breakups, douchebags, dates, bullshit. Haha, oh haven’t we all? I could say I’ve been a little “lost” these past years, but isn’t that what life is about? Exploration, wandering, finding out what you want out of this all and what you will make of this one opportunity? The haircut is a start of something new. I have let too many things and people in the past keep me down (including myself) and I am over it.

It has now been about a week and a half since the chop. I feel wonderful and honestly haven’t missed all that hair weighing me down. It’s funny how other people get attached to YOUR hair too. It took those people a little longer to get used to my hair than it did for me, but all is well in the world now.

To claim, the cutting of my hair was as big of a deal as it seemed to be in my head may sound a little nutty. I thought I would be a lot more nervous sitting in that chair at the salon, but I was excited. Excited for a change, excited to get rid of those shitty moments, to start a new. From here on out, I will be making big strides to live this life how I have intended and how my brother and father would have wanted me to, encouraging me every step of the way. Figuring it all out isn’t some destination, it’s really all about the things we go through to get there. Also, why would we want to get to a place where it is ALL figured out? How boring would that be? For now, I’m concentrating on what makes me tick and that includes planning my trips traveling the world and creating anything that comes to mind.

Why I cut my hair,
xx, Miss Fashionista Problems

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