I need your help and suggestions!

Hello beautiful people,

First off I want to welcome all the new subscribers! Thank you for stopping by and sticking around. I decided I want to start concentrating on and putting a lot more energy into this blog. I truly enjoy posting and getting all your positive feedback! In order to keep content available and exciting for you, it would be beneficial to hear what YOU want to see. My categories on the home page are Fashion, DIY, Food, Travel, Beauty, Fitness and Life Thoughts. I have a few recipes in line for the next couple weeks and another update on my Whole30. Can you think of anything else you would like to see? Honestly I am open to hear any ideas. Have a general or specific idea or topic you would like me to cover? A specific kind of recipe or DIY? Is there a celebrity or street style outfit photo you would like me to recreate for an affordable price? Something else? Please comment down below or email me at corey@fashionistaproblems.com!

Thanks again,
Miss Fashionista Problems

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