My Whole30 Recap, Part 2 : Addressing Backlash

My Whole30 Recap, Part 2 : addressing backlash

When I posted my Whole30 recap  with my results and tips, I decided I wanted as many people to see it as possible. I did the Whole30 for myself, but I wrote the post to inspire others to try the program out. I ended up emailing the testimonials section on the Whole30 website and sent them a copy of my entry and the link. Then I got an email back saying they had forwarded it on and said it may be able to be shared with the community. Voila, the Whole30 Facebook page posted it! I was so ecstatic.

*here is the link to the post* Post by Whole30.

It has since gotten over 400 likes, 40 shares, and numerous comments. The comments started out so nice and then one woman decided she knew some secret that I was scamming everyone. I had gotten a spray tan, photoshopped the photograph, and the results were ridiculous! She also said she had done numerous Whole30s and not gotten these results. The list goes on! Then she sympathized with a woman who said my changes were too subtle for a 30 day strict diet! Blah Blah Blah. These comments have since been taken down by the page and Melissa of the Whole30 left a very nice message to me and the community. Her kind words were very uplifting and the fact that she took the time to write them, meant a lot.
Though the things that the woman was saying were untrue, at first it made me so angry that someone thought it was okay to berate someone so intensely that they knew nothing about. She didn’t know my back story, why I did the Whole30, what I do for a living, and so on. All these things went through my mind. If only I could set things straight. I found that that wasn’t going to happen when I responded to her first and second comments, but she wasn’t having it. That’s when I realized this situation was not worth my time or energy. Though, I screenshotted the whole thread of, at times, abusive comments and thankfully very supportive ones in response, I won’t be posting that anywhere. It is over and done with, I just felt like I needed to address it here for my own sake.
Honestly, It all really comes down to the fact that none of the things the women were saying really matters. What matters is the fact that we all have our own individual goals, our bodies change in different ways at different rates, and we really shouldn’t be criticizing someone else for their goals or changes not being up to some made up standard we have in our head. And why did this woman really care so much? She said she was SO offended by the fact that the Whole30 would post a “fake” photoshopped photo. She even got into the fact that she thought I was getting paid to write the entry. Oh my goodness! It really all boils down to insecurity. When certain people are not happy with themselves or their lives, or maybe they’re just having a bad day, they feel the need to bring others down with them. Well, this woman sure did try, but honestly I’ve been through a lot worse in my life to know that this was a tiny grain of sand on a humongous beach of life (yes I’ve got a few corny sayings up my sleeve). Thankfully, I also have a lot of supportive people backing me up: those I know in person, those I know only through social media, and those positive people who are a part of the Whole30 community.
throw kindness around like confetti
It is saddening, how unsupportive a lot of women are to other women. Obviously this is a general statement and not true in all cases, but why can’t we all just uplift each other? No sane person actually ever felt better after hurting someone else. Any time I have hurt someone, I feel physically ill afterwards. I hope that all of you reading this can make the extra effort to be kind today and everyday. I also hope, one day the people who feel the need to bring others down will realize this is no way to live, and will not bring them the happiness they crave.
I may have had a few rocks thrown at me that evening, but I did not steep to that woman’s level. I took in all the positive vibes sent my way, woke up bright and early the next morning, made a delicious whole30 approved breakfast and headed to kickboxing to kick some ass and get out some aggression.

Onto my non-scale victories
I wouldn’t say I ever experienced the “tiger blood” effect, but I honestly never felt very bad to start out. I didn’t have any illness or disease to be cured. I really never ate very badly. My results weren’t meant to be extraordinary, but this was an important lifestyle change I wanted to make. The other results are just extra icing on the cake. (You know I had to use a sweets reference. Haha.Sleep
The biggest change I have noticed is my ability to fall asleep faster, stay asleep and not want to nap at all during the day. Before the Whole30 I would frequently lie in bed unable to fall asleep, wake up quite a bit during the night, and thrived off of my naps. I used to take Melatonin pretty often to help me sleep as well.

I have never had really bad skin, but I do have my problem areas and it had gotten a little worse lately. I noticed that it cleared up quite a lot when I was a couple weeks into the Whole30. I also noticed more pimples when I reintroduced certain foods back in. I am definitely happy to have clearer skin!

I have felt more motivated and driven to accomplish a lot during the day. Having endured the 30 days, also gave me such a feeling of accomplishment which has fueled the flame to continue on with my healthy lifestyle in all areas.

The Whole30 is a process of decluttering our bodies of all the junk we have put into them in the past and cleaning them up. I was motivated to do the same around my house. I started out in my bedroom, with the help of my amazing cousin. It is always so much easier to keep pushing through when you have got so much support around you. It feels a million times much better to have my room rearranged and decluttered. This has helped me accomplish a lot more with less outside stressors.

I can honestly say that my mental clarity has improved. I am the worrying type, always thinking thinking thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I still think but it is more organized. I am able to write things down and accomplish goals for the day. The worrying has reduced quite a bit as well.

What I still need to work on and Goals for my next Whole30
The sugar demon
I have always loved sugar and this was the number one thing I thought about and craved almost constantly throughout my Whole30. I have definitely decreased my sugar intake, but since I completed the 30 days I have integrated paleo approved goodies into my diet a bit. I know this isn’t the ideal Whole30 approved lifestyle, but I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with more healthy alternatives. No, I haven’t gone out and had any sort of dessert or donut or pastry. It IS okay to indulge once in awhile, and I will do that occasionally. We can’t completely deprive ourselves or we risk completely going off the handle!Working out more consistently
Before I did the Whole30 I went through a period of time when I thoroughly counted calories and went to the gym 4 times a week. Since then, I got rid of my gym membership, haven’t counted calories at all, and got a membership at a kickboxing gym instead. I also have taken up a yoga class once a week, taught by one of my wonderful friends. I have found activities that I enjoy, I just need to keep them up more consistently. I would also like to reintegrate some weight training. I have been looking into buying a set of kettle bells and a jump rope for at home workouts.After the holidays and some traveling; I am going to come back in January and start my second Whole30!
How many Whole30s have you done? Was it easier the second time around? If you haven’t done any Whole30s, is it something you would consider? Also, do you have any favorite at home workouts that you do? Comment down below with your responses!
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