Whole30 Recap Part 1: My Tips and Results

Whole30 Recap Part 1: My Tips and Results
In order to understand why I made the decision to do the Whole30, obviously I’m going to have to blab on for a bit. That’s what I tend to do on here, and what I am allowed to do on here, right?

The Why
Lets just say, for a few years I was tied down, putting most of my energy into a situation that was not reciprocal. When this situation ended, I found that I had lost myself over time. Who was I really? I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t worried about pleasing others. Now it was time to take care of myself.

Almost 2 years ago, so much changed, for the better, even if it wasn’t what I wanted right then and there. Let’s just say, I like to fix things and make situations work. We shouldn’t have to make relationships work though! I still find myself struggling with this today, but I am working on it. Change is always a bit scary, but also very exciting. Think of the unlimited options you have when change happens! So many new doors will open that you didn’t have the option of walking through before.

So I decided I would start exploring Los Angeles, HELL I grew up here and hadn’t gone much out of my comfort zone. I started trying new food places (became a total foodie), exploring, hiking, going to more shows, just putting myself out there more, etc. Basically, my motto was (and still most of the time is) to “just say yes” (obviously, as long as it is something you are comfortable with). Most of the time when we turn down an invitation, we would be sitting at home doing nothing instead. The past couple years have been such a learning experience for me, since I’ve been in some sort of interim. Still figuring out my career (unsure of what I TRULY want to do, besides travel and grub with friends and family for the rest of my life), living at home, seeing (what seems like) most of my Facebook friends getting married or having kids. I know this isn’t true, but social media has really made this being in your 20s thing difficult. Let’s not even get started on dating…that can be addressed in a whole other post haha.

Anyways, I’ve never really eaten badly. I am not a fan of fast food. Hey, I’ll have the occasional in-n-out burger and used to enjoy a trip to Taco Bell, but other than that I was pretty good. I grew up with my mom filling our home with wonderful smelling and tasting homemade meals. I do LOVE sweets and heading out for a nice meal once in awhile. All that aside, I realized I could clean up my act a bit, after eating my way (partially) through LA. I saw one of my friends doing the Whole30 a couple months ago and decided to look into it for myself. I ordered the companion book, It Starts With Food and got to reading.

I recruited my mom to experience the lifestyle change with me. I took before and after pictures of myself, weighed in and took measurements. (This is important to actually see results! They are easy to miss when you see yourself everyday or if they are more minor changes.)

The Rules
• legumes
• added sugar (this obviously means no alcohol)
• grains (both gluten and non-gluten)
• dairy
• carrageenan, MSG, sulfites
DO NOT replace your veggies with fruit. Fruit should be eaten in moderation. It has natural sugar, but it is still sugar.
DO NOT weigh yourself, count calories, or measure yourself throughout the 30 days.
DO NOT try to recreate any sort of baked good in a healthier manner. (I promise you can make it through to the end, when you can paleo-fy everything to your hearts content! Haha don’t get TOO crazy though.)
Try to avoid processed food as much as possible, but read labels if you are consuming some.

• Include a protein, veggies and healthy fat in each meal.
• Eat 3 meals a day (Without snacking in between. If you get hungry between meals, you should be eating a small version of your primary meals–I repeat…protein, veggies and healthy fat. If you don’t feel like having this kind of meal, you are not actually hungry.)
• Eat whole food!

My Tips
Research and Prep before diving on in. I really recommend getting the book! It informs you of exactly WHY it is important to eliminate specific things. Research is only the first step of prep; make sure to prepare mentally. Also, I recommend cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator of any of the no-no items. Less temptation!
2. Make Lists! This was really integral in making sure we didn’t forget anything at the grocery store. There is a shopping list on the Whole30 site, but I didn’t end up using it. Check out the downloads page for lots of free resources. We made sure to get plenty of veggies and proteins every time we shopped. You will run out faster than you think!
3. Variety is Key. Make sure to switch up your proteins and veggies throughout the week! Then you will not get bored and will have less temptation to indulge. There are so many options for both out there, just browse the produce and meat sections thoroughly.
4. The internet is your best friend and worst enemy. I really got into finding fun and interesting recipes on pinterest. Here’s my Whole30 and Paleo boards. This can give you a little head start. But make sure you read recipes closely. Also, do not believe everything you read on blogs, google, etc. Your best resource is the Whole30 website and the book.
5. Read labels CLOSELY. There is added sugar in so many things.
7. Experiment EXPERIMENT experiment! Spices, oils and ghee are your best friends. We experimented a lot with spices. They can change the taste of your food so easily. We also tried out different oils for cooking! And ghee (clarified butter) is so much more delicious than (non-clarified) butter or margarine (BLEH!).
6. Sign up for the daily emails on the Whole30 website. (They are $14.95 for a month of really encouraging emails filled with plenty of tips to get you through your 30 days.)

My Results

Whole30 Results and TipsStats
Weight – Starting (138) | Ending (135)
*I haven’t taken my measurements again yet, but I will update this when I do.*

Where I am NOW
I decided I will be eating very close to the Whole30 standards on a daily basis. I will have at least 2 meals paleo daily, most likely all 3. When I feel like indulging I will do so, while still making smart choices. I have integrated making paleo baked goodies. It is so much fun to experiment with baking without your traditional flour and sugar. Really ripe bananas are also your best friend! I will be posting another entry soon with some great “ripe banana recipes”!

I will be sticking to grass-fed beef, wild caught sea food, no hormone meats and cage fed eggs. I have also decided to stay away from gluten, dairy and added sugar as much as possible. I think these are the most important things to rid from out diets. I’m not a huge fan of legumes anyways (plus they made me super gassy when I tried reintroducing). I will not be eating peanut butter as much (It’s a legume not a nut!). I have switched to almond and cashew butter for when I feel like having a nut butter. I will also continue to read labels very closely and stick to mostly whole foods! Don’t get me wrong; I will have days when I go out to dinner and will not watch so closely. Having one meal out, after completing your Whole30 will not ruin you. I just make sure to go back to my paleo eating at my next meal. My goal is going to be to complete a Whole30 reset every 3-4 months. I think this will keep me on track and refocus me every so often.

It is really about being more aware of what you decide to put into your body.

I was going to put some of my favorite recipes into this post but I have posted quite a few already. I will continue to post them individually, so stay tuned!

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